Super Bowl Recipes

I've heard that America consumes more food on Super Bowl Sunday than Christmas, making it #2 after Thanksgiving!  Whoa.... that's a bunch of chips, huh?

I'm not going to lie... I have no intention of watching the Super Bowl.
But, I would be happy to make things for people to eat! As usual.
Luckily my guy likes to do something else on Super Bowl Sunday instead, like take me to the spa. Don't be jealous, or anything.
If HE was a fan, I would happily host a party, here's some recipes that I would consider for feeding lots of fans!

Every single recipe can be made ahead. 
Isn't that nice?
So YOU can enjoy the game too!
I've got some DIPS, because everyone knows it's all about the chips, right?
But, you need more than chips and dips.
So, I've got some soups and chili to consider.
Maybe guys don't always reach for salads, but these are the kind that I know that guys will eat, and girls love too.

Have fun watching the game!

Three Dips
Four Soups/Stews or Chili's
Three Salads that guys will eat, and so will the gals

Easy Sesame Dip, which is good for chips, but also might be good to slip some veggies in the mix too.

I really wish that I didn't want to eat this ALL day long, Prawn Queso Dip

Takes about 5 minutes to make, and so much easier to do than nachos!  
Chipotle Black Bean dip

Make a pot of soup ahead of time, and serve it in mugs.  It's more healthy than most people will realize, plus Mexican Albondigas Meatball soup is SO DANG good~


Can you say EASY? I thought so...
Black Bean Chili

Maybe more of an entree than a soup or chili, but HEY, you could serve this with CHIPS!
Lazy Girl Salsa Chicken

It's low fat chili, but don't tell them.  They probably aren't listening anyways...
White Bean Chicken Chili


Since it's not green, it's not really a salad...  tell them that!
Couscous Black Bean Salad

Make this one on Saturday and serve it during the game.
This stuff is addicting!  Whole Wheat Asian Noodle Salad
Hey, you don't even have to use whole wheat noodles... but, heck, maybe you should.

This one is my FAVORITE and everyone likes it too.
Perfect way to get some veggies in everyone, and perfect with soup or chili!
Spicy Coleslaw