growing chanel family, mooncakes, cute brunch place, new babies, last week's manicure, cookie monsterI remember when i bought something from Chanel for the first time and i told my mum that the Chanel paper bag it came in was my first Chanel bag LOL. I'm such a hoarder, i can never bring myself to throw out those bags. When i picked up my Chanel bronzer, i might have picked up something else too... sneaky sneaky.
It's that time of the year again: Mid-Autumn festival. I wish i was in Asia so i could look at all the pretty lantern displays. My upcoming weeks will be filled with mooncakes ^^ My favorite is the lotus seed paste one with egg yolk.
In case you haven't noticed, we have a huge brunch culture in Melbourne. With good reason too, we have so many great cafés to offer, with wonderful food and atmospheres. I haven't been able to go to brunch for ages because i've been working/going to uni everyday :c MART130 (spelt Tram backwards, stop 130) is one of my favorites, located at an actual tram stop. Cute no? I finally get to have one day off a week now, brunches are back on the schedule. Deciding whether to go savory or sweet is always such a dilemma.
I went to Zomp between classes a couple of weeks ago with B because she needed to buy flats, bad bad idea. Came home with not 1 but 2 new pairs of Jeffrey Campbells. They mark my 7th and 8th pair of Jeffrey Campbells, I have a problem.
My manicure from last week, OPI Don't Talk Back to Me and OPI When Monkeys Fly on my ring finger. I've been really loving citrus-y and acidic colors.
My mum got this colorful quilt-style bedcover and i love how Cookie looks when she's sunbaking on there.

That's all from me for now. This month is going to be hectic to please bear with me! In 3 week's time, i'll be at my new house!