Recent Hauls: Rosy's Garden, Kuma Crafts, I'm Your Present

Arpakassos + Macaron throw + Flan iPhone case from Rosy's Garden You might have noticed the ridiculousness that is my iPhone Case, i don't know i just love it! You guys should check out her store if you like cute things because she stocks heaps of cute stuff from Japan. This is also where i get my arpakassos! She's the nicest seller and she's very prompt with communication and enquiries c: a lot of times, she throws in freebies as well! Sailor Moon Eternal Compact Necklace from Kuma CraftsI had wanted a Sailor Moon necklace for so long but my problem was that a lot of the ones available are made of really tacky plastic and look more like toys than accessories :c I fell in love instantly with all the Sailor Moon necklaces on Kuma Crafts even though they are a little pricey. Everything is handmade and it feels so sturdy and not cheap at all.  All the crystals that she uses are Swarovski and when you see it in person, it is just stunning and so worth the money! I get complimented everytime i wear this out and to work/uni. If you wish to get one and it's all sold out, don't be discouraged because she often sells out and makes more for restock c:Whole Lotta Rosie Headband from Crown and Glory The minute i visited Crown and Glory website for the first time, i wanted everything but i knew that i wouldn't need 1000000000x flower crowns. But now that i've bought one...i want more D: Earrings from I'm Your PresentI love this store. This was my second time purchasing from I'm Your Present. The first time i purchased an acrylic necklace (featured in this post). The owner makes really adorable jewelry and custom clothing!
 Sweaters from Brian LichtenbergThe first time i saw the feline sweater in Olivia's outfit post, i knew i needed it. I died a little inside when i saw the price and that was without shipping too. But i'm the type of person who can justify a purchase if i love it enough and if i know i'll get a good use out of it (This was probably why i went for the black sweater instead of the white one). At the end of the day, it's my own hard-earned money.  I. Love. Sweaters. I love sweaters and beanies and scarves and everytime i see a new sweater i like, i get all giddy inside. What really made me bite the bullet was when we decided to get our friend one of these sweaters for his birthday...and i told myself since shipping will be so expensive anyway...might as well buy one for myself? ...or two? ANYWAY. These jumpers (do people outside of Australia call sweaters jumpers?) feel amazing. They're my favorite type of sweaters. It feels super soft to the touch and the inside is fluffy so it's really warm. I'm SO excited to wear them!xx merchandise from xx online storeI went to see the xx a couple of weeks ago and oh my god, they were incredible. I've been waiting 3 years to see them now and the day finally came. I kind of collect tote bags from gigs so imagine my disappointment when they didn't sell them! In fact the merch in general was really average. I've seen some really nice xx merchandise online so i did some digging and found my tote bag and ended up picking up these pillow cases as well with some of their lyrics printed on them.  I also bought a set of pillow cases for K too because she missed out on the gig :c Lastly, my friend recently sent me this as a gift and ahh it is the cutest thing ever! I don't think it's something i would have bought myself personally but now that i have it, i love it. It's almost too adorable and girly LOL.

The purpose of these "I've Got Mail" posts isn't just to show you the things i buy but it's also to share with you where i shop online. If you can't tell already, i love little Etsy/storenvy/online sellers. Although it can be slightly more expensive than your average store, their range is much more varied and unique. A lot of times, i find their products better made and better quality as well. People are always asking me where i get my accessories or clothes because it's not things they see around often. 
I'm not sure if you guys actually enjoy reading these posts but i hoped that it was fun for you to look at anyway :3