Pastels Parfaites

By the time you read this, i'll be on my flight to HK c: So a couple of weeks ago when i was panicking about my major folios and essays, i did some online shopping and i honestly didn't expect them to arrive before i left - I even got them sent to friends' houses in case i'm long gone. But i'm so glad they did arrive because the pastel colors are so perfect for summer c:
First up, Topshop:
Excuse the crinkles in the bunny skirt but i didn't want to iron it if it was just going in the luggage. I'm sure i'll do an OOTD with it though and i promise the pleats will be perfectly lovely c: this order was just cuteness overload, i have a massive thing for cute socks - bunnies, zebras and frills, the joy!
Next up: ASOS Illamasqua Lipstick in TestThis was on my last wishlist. Here's a fun fact, in case you didn't know - it's usually cheaper to shop in £GBP rather than $AUD on ASOS. Not by a lot, but every dollar counts right? This lipstick is normally $39 but it is currently on sale for $31.20 at Myer and $26.35 OR £15.50 on ASOS. In the end, i payed in £GBP and together with the UNiDAYS 10% discount it cost me $23 c: i will do a review with swatches after i've worn it a few times.
Lastly, Motel RocksGosh the moment i saw these jeans, i knew they had to be mine. I got them 20% off too!They are so pretty c:
Gosh i am writing this post 3 hours before my flight and i'm still not fully packed, look at the mess that is my luggage ;c