Orange Marmalade Biscotti

This cookie recipe is near and dear to my heart and a classic old fashioned orange marmalade biscotti with a hint of anisette in them.

A very dear friend I lived across the street from gave this to me years ago.

It was my favorite cookie called Orange Marmalade Biscotti Cookies, my friend Louise always made a pot of fresh perked coffee and had a dish if these cookies on the table when I visited.

My best friend and wonderful neighbor Louise gave me this recipe and year after year a favorite cookie we all love.

When I moved away to Florida in 1994, I missed her baking and cooking so much and have wonderful treasured memories.

Of course, I had to learn how to make these myself, and I make a batch every year at Christmas time.

These cookies freeze well, so even though I cut this recipe in half, you can make a full large batch (as this makes) and freeze them.

The Italian biscotti is well known to be anisette in flavor but with the addition of the orange marmalade in them, the flavors blend together perfectly.

The cookies she makes are usually soft and can be left plain or toasted, but we love ours toasted and a great dunking cookie for coffee (if you're a dunker that is!)

If you want a soft cookie with lots of citrus flavors this is it.

We love biscotti and make several kinds like cranberry almond, lemon polenta, pistachio, and pumpkin biscotti.

The biscotti is a traditional classic cookie found in all Italian bakeries and famous all over the world.

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anisette orange marmalade cookies on christmas paper sliced on the slant