New Aberdour, The Boat Shore

When Grey Granite was Acting Head at New Aberdour School she noticed a lane leading behind the school and was told that this leads down to the Boat Shore. Grey Granite and Rufus decided to explore the lane. The lane leads down towards Mains of New Aberdour, there are excellent views towards Quarry Head and since the lane is quite untouched by herbicides there is a rich and varied flora, including the hawk weed below.

As they walked down the lane Rufus and Grey Granite could hear larks singing over head and watched small blue butterflies and cabbage whites. They were surprised to see  a tall ship out in the bay  and assumed that it was connected to the Portsoy Boat Festival. Being an aging Hippy grey Granite found the words of 'Sloop John B' running through her head. However, a friendly postie who stopped to admire Rufus told Grey Granite that it was the training ship Lord Nelson.

Aberdour Shore was reached via the road down to the old church. At the deserted beach yellow flag irises were just going over and the spear wort was coming into bloom in the damp areas. Grey Granite was interested to note that an lower, presumably older basin, has been revealed at St Drostan's Well. Rufus, who was feeling the heat, enjoyed a drink from the well before the climb over the cliff to the Boat Shore.

On the climb down to the boat Shore Grey Granite noticed a patch of thyme and kidney vetch growing on the dry sandstone cliff face, in damper areas there are patches of ragged robin, campions and meadow sweet.

At the shore, where the coarse sand has a distinct reddish tinge from the sandstone and conglomerates, the intrepid Rufus hugely enjoyed digging and tried his paw at sea bathing. Grey Granite and Rufus spent sometime relaxing on the beach listening to the seals singing off shore whilst  watching the gannets fly past and  a particularly elegant heron perching on the cliff above the cave, deciding to go home only when they were hungry.
On the climb back up the cliff Grey Granite saw two small blue butterflies and a several fritillaries. It was dissappointing that the style which Grey  Granite remembers as leading to  a short cut back to the road has been vandalised along with a considerable amount of fencing near the car park. However, Grey Granite and Rufus enjoyed the expedition and intend repeat it shortly taking suitable provisions (Mini Bonios, muesli bars and bananas) with them. Rufus, Grey Granite reflects, is already the perfect companion for such expeditions.