Monday, Feb. 15

Neomi and Gil invited Garth, Kathleen, Chris, and Dave to spend the day with them as they showed us some very interesting sites. We left at 10 AM and didn't return until 5:30 PM. We never imagined the country would be so beautiful! The wild flowers are just beginning to bloom and another week or two the country will be covered with flowers.

We loved the red poppies.
The almond trees were also beginning to bloom.


In the meantime, we were allowed to go to the church at the monastery. The inside was painted in beautiful mosaic patterns. When examining the designs very closely, we realized that none of the designs were truly mosaics, but only painted squares to look like mosaics. It was a beautiful little chapel and we were amazed of the beautiful paintings on the walls and ceilings.

Inside the church was a small organ at the back. Neomi asked if it might be possible for an organist with her group to play and the answer was "Yes, but we would like to hear some Bach." Kathy happily obliged.

This was the view looking out from the monastery. It was such a perfect day . . . not too warm, not to cool, and with a slight breeze. It felt like a little piece of heaven on earth.