Miso Udon With Teriyaki Chicken

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So I'm posting about comfort food again. And what is more comforting than a bowl of soup?

I'm a big fan of miso paste. I use it in salads and even as a marinate. This time round though, I'm sticking to soup. I usually use a small packet of dashi that contains bonito flakes but just before I tear the packet, I noticed the expiry date and it was wayyyy over- so I chucked it out. The soup was still tasty though, possibly because of the sauce from the Teriyaki Chicken.

I stole the Teriyaki Chicken idea from my favourite Japanese restuarant in Perth. They served the best beef teriyaki udon ever. So anyhow, I decided to quicky saute thinly sliced chicken breast strips with teriyaki sauce and that turned out wonderful. On the topic of chicken breast meat, lots of people find it tough and dry but I think that is a sign of overcooking. I found out that if I sliced it across the grain and make sure it's thin, it's usually tender and juicy. Let me know what you think or have found. =)

I'm sooo craving for a bowl of soup now.

Miso Udon with Teriyaki Chicken (serves 2)
1 chicken breast sliced thinly across the grain
2-3 tablespoons of Teriyaki Sauce
1 tsp of garlic

2 packet of Udon noodles
750ml of chicken stock
3 generous tablespoons of red miso paste*
1 cup of sliced button mushrooms

*reduce miso paste amount to 2 tablepoons if using dashi.

Marinate chicken with garlic and teriyaki sauce. Set aside while you prepare miso soup.

Boil stock. Add miso paste. Stir till it is well dissolved. Cook Udon noodles in the soup. Add mushrooms.

Sautee chicken quickly in a pan. Spoon chicken with sauce over noodles. Serve warm.


I'm serving this up for Pasta Presto Night! Yum Yum!