Majestic Sunrise And Flowers In January

I just happened to have my camera with me all day today and was able to capture a beautiful sunrise before going in to work and then some colorful blooms when I returned home.  It's looking like spring has arrived early in my yard.  I know it won't last. 

The only two pictures that I've edited are the first two lenten rose pics.  All of the others are unaltered, just the way I say them and my camera captured them.  The colors of nature don't need any editing.  Enjoy!

The birds are enjoying the sunrise while perched high atop this tree.


Look closely.  There's a bee inside the flower enjoying a tasty snack.

Playing around with photoshop light on this photo.

Unaltered and unedited.

Quince branches.  I did a post a few days ago about bringing these indoors and force blooming them here.
 I believe these are winter jasmine, but I'm not certain of that.  Let me know if I'm wrong. 

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