Heart & Seoul: Last Day + Seoul Haul

Our flight on our last day was in the afternoon so early in the morning we went to get my grandma some ginseng and herbal medicine for her health ^^ I bought my skirt on the second day around Ewha Womans University c: My grandpa and I Mummy and ISo in love with my iridescent oxfords. They were surprisingly so comfortable to walk in! I wore them the entire day for the last 2 days in Seoul and my feet were more than fine.
On the spotless train, we were really lucky because we had pretty good weather on this trip c:
The market we went to was called Gyeongdong Market and it is just a street market selling all sorts of medicinal herbs and ginseng.
At the station itself, there were a lot of 'traditional medicine' displaysMy mum and my aunty picked out the ginsengs and some other herbs. I know nothing about Ginseng but thought i should take a photo anyway and this is it LOL.

Had the most amazing froyo before returning back to the hotel for check out. It was Green Apple, Pineapple and Strawberry flavored yogurt topped with kiwi fruit, mochi, and crunchy cookie crumble. Mochi is officially my favorite froyo topping EVER!
Back at the hotel. Hilarious story: We decided to stay at Lotte World mainly for Charlie. On the first night, he was extremely afraid of these Raccoon characters and he wasn't the only one, i was pretty freaked out. We stayed on the character floor so everything from the wallpaper to the bedsheets to the clocks to the couches to the carpet to the door to the soap to the shower cap, etc (you get the idea) had these characters all over them. We tried switching rooms on the first day coz Charlie was just bawling his eyes out but the hotel was booked out so we had to stay. He eventually warmed up to them especially after visiting Lotte World and this was him on the last day right before we had to check out ^
 There was a scenic lift at the hotel and Charlie and i went on it before boarding our airport bus and heading back to HK. How cute is this hat that my dad bought for Charlie, the little monster.

Snapped this while waiting to boardAnnnnnnnd finally - the haul. This feels like nothing considering i was expecting to spend most of the money i saved up for this Asia trip in Seoul.  This is a close up of the skirt i bought and wore on the last day c: It's so adorableThe make up haul. Found some really decent products that i've been loving! Can't wait to do all the reviews and share them with you guys c:
All the samples i received! It was actually crazy the amount of samples they gave, it seemed really excessive especially when i got a bunch of samples for buying one small thing haha.

Shamless Selfies. Overall, i found Seoul to be a little overrated for shopping however i really did enjoy just seeing different parts of Seoul, all the yummy soups/food and spending time with the family c: I'm really hoping to save up enough to go to Japan early next year, that's somewhere i've always wanted to go and i'm sure i'll love! :3