Heart & Seoul: Day 3

Played with some of my new make up on the 3rd day and really loved how it turned out ^^ I have to seriously apologise but i didn't take many photos at all on the 3rd day, and the photos i did take were a bit random so bear with me for this post!
At this point in my trip i had already received a huge batch of samples but this one from Etude House was my favorite. It was just a hair elastic but the packaging is so cute and it's really handy. I like that i can actually keep this even after using it haha. i just use it when i'm washing my face or putting on my make up.Before heading out from the hotel, i went to check out the view from my aunty's room. She can see Lotte World from her floor!When we were meeting in the hotel lobby to head out, there were SO MANY PEOPLE and they all had matching tote bags. I asked the hotel stuff what it was about and they said it's a Japanese fan-meet tour for a K-Pop band called JYJ (?). It was actually insane how many people there were, women of every age group LOL. This is really random but i was really impressed so i wanted to share it with you guys. This toothpick is made of potato so it's bio degradable. If animals end up swallowing this, it will just melt away. Even when i was chewing on it for a few minutes, it became soft! I thought it was really considerate and clever!I love maps, i always have ever since i was a little girl. I love knowing where we're going and how to get there. When i was young, i used to make my mum tell me where we were going every time we went out so that i could read the map and direct her even thought she already knew the way haha. I loved working out all the train lines and where to interchange, etc :3On the 3rd day we went to Namdaemun market in the morning for my relatives and we spent the rest of the day at Dongdaemun, which is another massive shopping district with many big multi-level shopping malls. The colors of my mum and my outfit looked amazing together that day! ...And without even planning, My aunty, my uncle and I all wore citrus LOL. We ended up visiting 3 of the big malls and i only bought a top, a bag and some accessories. I was really good on this trip...For dinner we had all-you-can-eat korean BBQ ^^ When the guy was telling me which meat was which, i'm pretty sure he said dog for one of them which freaked me out quite a bit. I made sure i steered clear of it.Snapped this when we were leaving, LOL i have no idea why i took so little photos on this day :c but here's another shameless selfie :3

It's my 21st birthday tomorrow and i'm having my yearly birthday meltdown LOL I just can't believe it's been 21 years since i came into this world. Since my birthday last year, a lot has changed and this was definitely the most difficult year of my life. I hope that 21 will be a new leaf c: