Givenchy Mini Pandora Messenger Bag In Black + Farfetch Review

I haven't done a review of a handbag on my blog before! But I have so much to say about the bag and the service I used that it deserved a blogpost of its own!

I had my eye on the Givenchy Pandora Messenger bag for ages. I wanted a small, timeless, versatile, black leather bag and this was the one! Finally when I got my tax return, I decided to go for it.
I was sitting on the fence between the small or the mini for a while. In the end, I decided to go with the mini and I'm so glad because it is the perfect size and I can actually fit everything I need and more. Anything bigger would have been too big for the shape of this bag.
On a daily basis I usually carry my wallet, a portable charger and cord, sunglasses + case, keys, a fragrance mist, hand cream, a lip product of some sort and mints/gum. This bag fits all of this perfectly and I can still fish in my bag with ease. On days when I don't need to bring my sunglasses, it obviously frees up a lot more space.
The leather on this bag is extremely soft, being goat leather. The bag has 2 zip fastenings, the top zip is where you access the main compartment and the bottom zip is an external mini pocket.
I love the way the bag hangs off the body. It also makes it easier to reach in and dig around!
Finding this bag, in this particular color, size and leather finish was so difficult. Everywhere I looked, they only had the black in the crinkled leather finish which I didn't like, or other colors altogether.
On Barneys, they were charging an extra $400+ for tax/shipping/duty fees which is ridiculous.
I ended up buying this from Far Fetch and I was so impressed with the service!
Through Farfetch, you can shop from hundreds of independently owned boutique stores worldwide. You have the option of comparing prices between different boutiques (if more than one boutique stocks the particular item in question) and snatch up the better priced alternative. This was the case with my bag, 2 stores had it in stock and I went with the best deal.  My bag came from Italy and literally took 2 days for DHL to deliver it to my doorstep, packaged in tip-top condition. I ended up saving about $225 from the original price listed on Barneys too!
I am so happy about this purchase and I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of it. The last luxury handbag I purchased was the Alexander Wang Rocco 2 years ago, which I still use and love. This is just a great and lighter alternative for everyday use though!

My next purchase will be a proper wallet. I was using the Tory Burch patent continental wallet for years and I got sick of it and switched to a tiny zip pouch.
Have you guys got your eye on any luxury goods at the moment?