Essie: Very Structured (Swatch + Review)

This color is part of the Essie Fall Collection 2011 and I actually received this in the March I Love This Box. When i first saw it, i wasn't sure this was a color i'd wear. As far as my 'autumn' nail polishes go, this is definitely the darkest and warmest color i have.I kind of just forgot about this because it wasn't a color i specifically picked out and bought so it just sat there neglected on my vanity table until today.

In sunlight, indoorsIn natural light, indoorsEssie describes Very Structured as a "Classic Burnt Sienna"and i think that's a pretty spot on description. You can definitely see that orangey-reddy undertone, it's very earthy. I do feel like it looks darker on my nails than on the bottle. In the shade though, it looks more like a rich milk chocolate.
The formula was very easy to work with, very creamy and smooth. The pigmentation was great, I used 2 coats.
This is a great autumn shade but i'm still not sure how it looks on me. It has grown on me since i first saw it and i've been getting lots of compliments at work. I keep thinking i've got chocolate on myself.
I guess when i finish the sample bottle, i'll decide whether i like it enough to buy a full sized bottle.

So tomorrow i have my first and last exam and then i'll be free! I was thinking before i leave for Hong Kong on Friday, i'll do a nail polish inventory c: