Cozy Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to my 2016 Cozy Christmas Home Tour! I'm so exited to be joining a few of my blog friends to bring you the Super Simple Holiday Home Tour. We wanted to keep it real, and show you our simple decor that is beautiful but realistically reflects our busy lives, and real budgets. So we are inviting you into our homes that may not be perfectly styled, may only include a single room or two, and may also include the added bonus of a random animal, kid, backpack, or stray coffee cup.

Super Simple Holiday Home Tour 2016

I'm sharing my dining room and living room with you today. No need to start the tour at the front door, where you will be greeted with no outdoor Christmas lights, and the (now dead) mums from the fall which are still hanging out to say hi. Get ready for lots of pictures, and a few tips for decorating your home for the holidays!

I switched things up a little this year, and we have the Christmas Tree in the dining room instead of the living room. The nice thing is, since the living room, dining room and kitchen are all kind of open to each other, you can still get a great view from each room. The tree is decked out with all of our family ornaments, simple white and gold balls, a few DIY creations, and this year, I added a few  white poinsettias to fill in the empty spots.

Navy and Grey Living Room with simple Christmas decorations

Eclectic Christmas tree decorated with black, white and gold

This year the color scheme was black, white and gold. Every year I try to pick a color or two as the central theme for our decor, and just weave it into our yearly decorations. (Last year was silver and turquoise.) And, even though it sounds a little crazy, I try to think about what colors I want next year, so I can hit up the after-Christmas clearance sales if I need some new decorations. 
Black, white and gold Christmas decorations for a simple cozy farmhouse holiday tour

Rustic Gold Christmas deer decorations with festive red accents
Rustic black and white Christmas decorations

I also work in a few new DIY projects, because the holiday season isn't busy enough! With a few yards of black and white plaid flannel, I made a super easy tree skirt, added a little rustic farmhouse tree garland by tying strips of fabric to a length of yarn, and made a fun little Merry Christmas banner garland too!
Easy DIY farmhouse style black and white plaid Christmas tree skirt
Perfect farmhouse style black and white plaid Christmas tree garland
Black, white and red Merry Christmas cross stitch garland

To me, the holidays are about memories and decorating with the things you love. It's fun to mix current and trendy pieces with vintage, it's what gives your home personality, and makes it feel warm and welcoming to you and your guests. I always have my vintage Shiny Brite ornaments on display, and my grandma's ceramic tree sitting on a simple round mirror, is the perfect centerpiece on the table this year.
Rustic farmhouse Christmas tour with vintage Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments
Rustic farmhouse Christmas tour with vintage Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments
Simple Christmas centerpiece with a vintage light-up ceramic Christmas tree
I think people sometimes shy away from furniture that is not neutral in color for fear that it might not be easy to decorate with year-round. Here is my proof that adding a little bold color still is cozy, and doesn't complete with all the festive decorations going on around it. And, if you thought only white walls could feel light and bright, I'm here to tell you that a perfect moody grey can do the same thing!

Farmhouse Christmas dining room with navy and grey accents
Simple and easy Christmas decorating for you home
A few more little touches, like a wreath to dress up the blanket ladder, and the stocking hanger we built a few years ago. Little sprigs of greenery easily turn everyday florals into a more wintery display.

Frosted wreath winter accent on a rustic blanket ladder
Simple DIY stocking hanger instead of hanging stockings on the mantel
Turn any flower arrangement into a winter display with a little added greenery
And, we finish everything off with a little printable art that reminds us to be thankful for what we have this holiday season.

Perfect Christmas wall decor, So Very Blessed free printable art
And this guy, who likes to remind me that no matter how much work I put into cleaning and decorating for the holidays, he is not impressed. He is still going to sit on the table, because it has the best view out the window to the backyard.

Farmhouse Christmas decor home tour
I hope you all have a very happy holiday season! Remember, it's not how much you decorate, or what you decorate with, use what you love, and you will have a perfect holiday home!

Cozy Christmas Home Tour with Christmas tree at night

Here's your chance to see how all my friends in the Super Simple Holiday Home Tour decorated their homes too! Visit them all, and don't be shy about saying hi in the comments and letting us know you visited!!

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