Chunky Salsa

During my first week in Perth, mum n granny came with me to make sure everything went smoothly (e.g. not going to stave, know how to do my laundry and have a roof over my head). For everyday that week, mum ate an avocado. (*waves hi to mum*)

I distinctly remembered asking her what kind of fruit is it. I also remembered her turning around and say "try but I don't think you will like it." Till this day, I'm not sure why she said that. Perhaps it's the texture or the taste. Contrary to her statement, I found myself enjoying this fruit.

A medium avocado contains 1/2 the required amount of fat intake for an average person a day (Wikipedia, 2007). Fortunately, the fat is mono saturated, which is the good kind of fat.They are also rich in Vitamin B, E and K. I guess this provides me with another reason for having this healthy fruit!

I usually have my avocados in salads. I love the contrast it provides. Especially when paired with walnuts/pecans and spinach leaves. Other times, I have it in a chicken sandwich.

Occasionally, I make this chunky salsa for lunch or as a topping for tacos. If I'm cooking an elaborate dinner, I make this as a pre-dinner snack and serve it with crackers. It's cheap, simple and quick.

Chunky Salsa

1 medium ripe Hass avocado
1 roma tomato
freshly grind cracked pepper
squeeze of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of dukka

other variations
-add chopped zucchinis or cucumber
-Add corn kennels
- add handful of crushed nuts
-add chili powder for a spicy hit.

Chopped avocado and tomato up into tiny pieces. Pop them in a bowl. Squeeze lemon juice over them. Sprinkle with cracked pepper. Give them a good stir, top it up with dukka and serve with your favorite crackers.

Any other ways of using this humble fruit?