Cement Tiles Trend Toward Bold Patterns & Colors

Earlier this year I did a guest post for the Gold Notes blog called, Tile Trends from Coverings 2012. I reported that I was seeing a trend to use texture, color, and geometric patterns in tile. I'm excited about this trend because I like to see color and pattern embraced in design. Today I'll show a few examples of how that prediction is growing - based on the samples and installations we've been working on. Cement tiles have been extremely popular this this year and I want to show you how color and pattern are being used. Look at some of the samples we recently shipped.
Melilla Cement Tile
Melilla Cement Tile The Melilla Cement Tile use nine colors in this bold warm palette with a playful Latin feel. Our Montecristi pattern uses five colors here including: White, Antique Ivory, Gray, Indian Red, Peach Puff.
Montecristi Cement Tile
Montecristi Cement Tile I love the bright Indigo inset with the warm Tibetan Gold in Geo 8 – the simple pattern reminiscent of ceramic tiles and is great for breakfast nook or patio.
Geometric Pattern 08 Cement Tile
Geo 8 Cement Tile
Cement tiles in strong patterns in a black and white or black/white/gray colorway are also popular. Neiba Cement Tile illustrates how a clean pattern in "basic black and white" creates a floor with a focal point in an easy-to-use and flexible palette. Try using an accent color like red to really make the design pop!
Neiba Cement Tile
Neiba Cement Tile Simple geometric patterns in basic colors are being used in both residential and commercial installations. The Geo 10 in our standard colorway of Cana Green and Suede remains very popular. The patterns generally work well in homes with contemporary architecture styles especially when utilizing a simple two or three-color palette.

Geometric Pattern 10 Cement Tile
Geo 10 Cement Tile
However, we have seen Geo 10 used in a residential application with the classic black and white in one bath and the Indian Red and white used in a different bathroom for the same home.
Geometric Pattern 10 Cement Tile
Geo 10 Cement Tile
Geo 9 in Indian Red and White will be used in the entry for a new bar opening in Chicago this fall.
Geometric Pattern 09 Cement Tile
Geo 9 Cement Tile
There are certainly a variety of styles and designs in the cement tile samples and installations we’ve seen recently. But, I think you get the sense that people are not afraid to try tiles with bright colors. And, there is definitely a design trend to use the classic geometric patterns in simple, easy-to-use colors like white, black, and red.

Curious? Take a look at our Geometric cement tile patterns and see if there is something that catches your eye.

What do you think of geometric patterns and bright colors in cement tile? How would you use brightly colored pattern tiles or geometric patterns in your kitchen, bath, or dinning room?