Birthday Spoils

My birthday was exactly 2 months ago and i was still receiving birthday goodies last week!!It's funny because last year i didn't really get anything for my birthday. I mean, i never expect presents but this year i was so spoilt, i feel guilty! 
So the very first present (and probably the biggest one) was a gift to myself LOL. I already have a green YSL arty ring but when i saw this, i had to have it! I didn't want anyone to buy it for me. If anything, it feels better when you buy something you really love with your hard-earned money so that was a birthday treat to myself, from myself. My mum bought me a small Dolce & Gabbana zip purse/wallet, an Illamasqua lipgloss (Intimacy) and blush (Naked Rose). My friend from HK sent me a few more arpakassos to add to my collection :3 along with the cutest bunny hair brush and some stickers. There is a shop in HK that always sells the most incredible rings. I bought the bunny one last year and the unicorn one this year. My aunty bought me the cat one for my birthday to add to my set c:On the day of my birthday, i was greeted by Aaron, Mish and Jason with more cupcakes than i can consume in the one day (not pictured)! Mish made me ice cream shaped macarons but i forgot to take photos of it ;c Darren bought me a Penny board for my birthday and gave it to me before he left on his one year exchange to Boston ;c I miss that kid.Cat got me a Black Milk Galaxy dress. It's so pretty c:Got the cutest book ends from Daniel and they're DEERS! So very me! Perfect for when i redo my room.This was a gift from my family friends Catherine and Liam, they know me well. I love my macarons and now i can bask in its loveliness forever instead of eating them all and having nothing left to show. I'm not really sure how to wear these scarves though! Tips?From Eddie, he bought me a pair of Black Vans. I was searching everywhere in HK for these but no shops stocked them coz they were too normal/old. I was so shattered because it's a classic! Then Eddie came to my rescue. This was the hairbrush that Wendy bought me. Isn't it the cutest?I got these amazing resin Dinosaur Design bangles from Bella. She originally bought me a ring but it was too big and we took it back to exchange but my hands were too small and they didn't really have anything for me so i exchanged it for 2 bangles. Bella has so many pieces from this shop and i've always lusted after them but could never bring myself to fork out the money and buy them myself. I love them so much!My favorite cousin from the States sent me a care parcel for my birthday and i was so excited when i saw all the food!! I gasped when i saw "Milk Chocolate Covered Potato Chips", IS THIS THE REAL LIFE! Why are we deprived of this in Australia?! She also bought me a few pieces of jewellery and of course...
BEAUTY GOODIES! I died when i saw Penny Talk because i really wanted it but it was sold out on the website i get my nail polish on and she got it for me c: (full review here) She also got me a YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick that i've been wanting since forever. It's sold out everywhere in HK and i couldn't justify buying it in Australia coz it's way too expensive :c The Bobbi Brown Palette i asked her to pick up for me because it's half the price in the States (full review here).
I got all these goodies from my group of friends a couple of sundays ago. I've been planning to redo my room this summer and they got me so many goodies that fit the color scheme of my room :3 Can you tell i love floral? They also made me a family tree with their photos on it, such a sweet and personal present! Do you spot a 2nd YSL Rouge Volupte? c;
Last but not least (i think!), i received a Longchamp Planètes Tote Bag from my aunty in HK! I'll be honest i've never really been a fan of the Longchamp tote bags. Maybe it's because during my exchange in France, pretty much every girl in my school had one and they really trashed their bags so it just didn't feel like anything special.
However, i fell in love with this particular bag as soon as i saw it (maybe because it looks more sophisticated and expensive :P). My aunty had connections and she got it for me 50% off c:

So there you have it, i'm a spoilt bunny! Can't believe i'm 20. I had a bit of a meltdown on my birthday because i realised how much is going to change this decade. This is the decade i'll graduate from uni, forge a career path and be expected to find my life partner! Scary thought, growing up. 
p.s. if you're interested in getting any arpakassos, i just want to say that it took me a really long time to find these plushes for a decent price and more importantly, that were 100% legit. I ran into a few issues with some eBay sellers, i'm not going to point any fingers or name any names but it was really disappointing.
Now, i purchase most of my arpakassos from rosy61987 on eBay. She's definitely the most trustworthy and reliable seller i've come across. She sells 100% authentic arpakassos and she offers lovely customer service (fast communication, cutest packaging, freebies ^^). I can't recommend her enough and now she's become a good friend. She's recently opened a Storenvy account where she's able to sell these adorable alpaca plushes at a lower price. Check out her store here. 
She also has a tumblr, follow her for updates on new collections/stock c: