Being Cognitive Inflexible

I'm in uni now. Long day today. SW's class tonight. I finally finished the video. Not with J of course. I am suppose to critique myself on the video- so i cringed while watching the whole 3 hrs of administrating a range of assessments. The worst part is watching myself on the video. Been doing that since last semester and I still hate it.

My favourite coat has 2 holes in it now. I mend them and new holes appeared. =(

Ruth- BIG hugs and love to you for finishing the degree and being brave enough to make the step and making the transition to be back in Singapore.

Went to freo yesterday and bought TURKISH delight. Those stuff are great without the chocolate on.

I realised I am 'cognitively inflexible' well, I MUST go through some of these anal stuff.
1) My bed has to be made before i leave the house. I get cranky when I come home to a messy bed. (i do it even though i am tired and sian. Is just putting the covers back on properly).
2) I take the same route home everyday. Murdoch drive, leach highway, valand ave.
3) Routine is important to me.
4) My veges and meat has to be cut properly before i start cooking
5) At the check out counter, food has to be on the belt in categories. Veges first, Meat, followed by cold stuff, then dry food stuff then other stuff that isnt food.
6) I do groceries from the freezer section first- veges last (so that veges wont get squash at the bottom).
7) A mug of water has to be beside me when i go to bed.
8) My wardrobe is color coded.

Obsessive compulsive personality perhaps?