Alice's "Drink Me" Martini

A group of us wore costumes from Alice in Wonderland for a Halloween party last weekend. There are so many fantastic costumes to be had in that story; Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, White Hare, Cheshire Cat but you really need, an Alice, to make the storybook costumes cohesive.  I didn't particularly want to be the blonde haired Alice in the simple dress.  Kind of boring in comparison somehow, so I had to think about what kind of props would make me as exciting as all the others.I know!A "drink me" bottle of potion (pre-mixed martinis) is certainly recommended.  As you may remember, when Alice drank from the little vial she found with a tag that read "drink me", she got very, very small.  This cocktail is certainly quite strong, which is why I added sparkling water to the recipe.

Makes two "small" martinis (enough to share)

2 jiggers white rum
2 jiggers white coconut rum, or malibu rum
1 jigger blue curacao
1 jigger triple sec
1 jigger whipping cream, or half and half
1-2 jiggers of sparkling water 

Mix everything except the sparkling water into an ice filled cocktail shaker.  Shake, shake, shake.  Strain into a glass and top with some sparkling water, or serve over ice.

It's a beautiful blue that matched my Alice dress just right...  It's amazing how a small flask of a blue concoction will make you quick friends at a party.