40K: Eversor Conversion

Here's an Eversor I painted last Saturday, for bringing to The Burning Stars league with my club, PAGE.

Not much to say really. Chopped the model in half, hunched him over more and resculpted the join. Garnished with pouches and grenades from various kits. Added a Warhammer Fantasy bit as the shoulder pad, I think, not sure the source. It married well with his chest rig/vox deal he has going on. The arms are from Catachan plastic kits and the open hand is a GW zombie hand. The Neuro Gauntlet is a paw from an old Necron Flayed one. I added a pommel/hilt for the sheathed sword too since the pack with the stowed gun I used here was for the Eversor model who has his sword in hand and had the stowed sword missing.

Painted it up for the Bio Meltdown and here is is, The Ghoul of Hammerfall, exploding in a league game near you (hopefully not while in my own lines.)