25 Best Italian Loved Family Recipes

Here is a roundup of our family's favorite Italian American Best-Loved Recipes.

Starting out with homemade pizza and ending with mom's frittata.

Really, throughout the years, these recipes were the most asked for time and time again.

The kids loved every one of these easy Italian recipes and I would never have to ask twice if they wanted seconds, there were also never leftovers.

Besides these 25 delicious meals, we also love Italian pastries like St. Joseph's Day Zeppole, Italian holiday foods and keep the traditions going that mom and grandma instilled in use as children.

Mom and grandma made traditional Italian meals like pasta fagioli, sauteed escarole a classic favorite green, and pasta with ceci beans and we just loved everything that they considered depression foods back in the 1960s.

Now several years later, all of these are considered delicacies and hard to find in most restaurants, and I am thrilled that my kids have learned to continue our heritage in cooking these easy meals.

Each photo will be a link to bring you to the recipe, just scroll down and take a peek on our tried and true favorite family recipes.

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