100th Post-Four Give Aways..... And Still Thinking Of Greatest Hits

Time's Up. Thanks for entering.
Phew! I've made it through my first 100 posts.
It's taken a hearty dose of perseverance with a healthy dollop of obsession and a pinch of sleeplessness to pull it off. Thank you, dear readers, for coming every day, for leaving comments, and for being my friends. I feel a peculiar sense of kinship with so many of you, considering we really haven't "met." I read the first posts I wrote, and I cringe at the robotic stiffness and formal style. 100 posts later, I barely hit spell check any more, since I feel like I'm sharing anecdotes and recipes with a next door neighbor over a chocolate chip cookie.

And our numbers are growing, up from less than 100 readers a week to about 4500. I'm excited to have my first give away, and I hope you'll tell your friends and family to come and enter as well. You're also welcome to post a link from your blog, if so inclined. With four winners, the odds are looking pretty good.

Contest ends July 30, 2008 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time. Winners will be randomly chosen. One entry per person and don't forget to post a name if you post as "anonymous." Answer the following question in the comment section to be eligible: What was the first recipe you remember making alone?

Prizes are:
#1: Ina Garten's newest "Back to Basics" cookbook. It's so new it's not even available yet-but I'll place the order at Amazon and have it delivered right to you. This one is going to be good-maybe her best yet-since the focus is simple ingredients and basic techniques.
#2 Dorie Greenspan's inspiring iconic guide.: Baking, From My Home to Yours. If you've been here on Tuesdays, then you've already had a generous preview. My favorite recipes include the cherry-rhubarb cobbler, world peace cookies, chocolate pudding churned to ice cream, and cocoa buttermilk birthday cake. And I'm just getting started....
#3 A red Nordicware coffee cake tube pan. I have one in periwinkle blue; it's perfect for an elegant yet homey Sunday morning cake. It makes such a pretty display, you almost don't even want to cut in.
#4 An apple green classic bundt cake pan, plus a tunnel of bundt insert. Bundt cakes are beautiful on their own, but with this extra insert, you can include a surprise inside out frosting, filling or ice cream.

I'll post my top 1o out of my past 100 favorite recipes on Wednesday. Decisions, decisions! I'm choosing based on reader feedback, so let me know if you have a stand-out favorite.

Coming Tomorrow:
Tuesdays with Dorie
White Peach and Honey Galette with Blackberry-Salty Cashew Ice Cream